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All painting supplies and materials are selected for children.
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Kids Paintbrush Flat Paintbrush 1

Flat Paint Brush

Our Price: $4.00
Watercolor Paper, Small Cut Qty. 30

Small Watercolor Paper

Our Price: $5.00
painting palette Painting Palette 2 Well

Painting palette for kids

Our Price: $5.00
canvas for paint Canvas 8 x 10

Canvas 8 x 10

Our Price: $5.00
Painting Palette Palette (10 well)

Painting Palette 10 well

Our Price: $5.00
Kids Paintbrush Large Round Paintbrush

Large Round Paintbrush

Our Price: $5.00
Kids Paint Acrylic, Paint Brushes 3 Paintbrushes

3 Paintbrushes Medium Quality

Our Price: $6.00
watercolor palette for kids Painting Palette 6 Well

Large Palette, 6 Well

Our Price: $6.00
kids painting smock Kids Painting Smock Cover-Up

Smock Cover-up

Our Price: $6.00
kids painting jars Paint Jar

Painting Jar Glass

Our Price: $7.00
kids paintbrush Toddler Paintbrush

3 Toddler Paintbrushes

Our Price: $8.00
Sponge stampers round Sponge Paint Stampers

Sponge Paint Stampers

Our Price: $8.00
Watercolor Paper, Medium Cut Qty. 30

Medium Watercolor Paper

Our Price: $10.00
kids painting palette mixing colors Palette Large 20 well

Palette Large 20 well

Our Price: $10.00
kids paintbrushes 6 Small Paintbrushes

6 Small Paintbrushes

Our Price: $10.00
kids paintbrushes 3 Paintbrushes

3 kids paintbrushes

Our Price: $12.00
Color mixing activity with eye dropper bottles Colour Theory Droppers Qty. 3

3 Filled Glass Droppers

Our Price: $15.00
color theory Colour Theory Plastic Dropper Bottles 3 Primary Colors

Colour Theory Plastic Dropper Bottles 3 Primary Colors

Our Price: $15.00
kids paintbrushes 3 Paintbrushes

3 High Quality Painbrushes

Our Price: $15.00
12 leaf sponges Leaf Sponges

Leaf Sponge Painting

Our Price: $16.00
Animal Print Stamps Animal Print Stamps

18 Animal Print Stamps

Our Price: $18.00
Watercolor Paper, Large Cut Qty. 30

Large Watercolor Paper

Our Price: $20.00