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12HSSBCCK   12 Handcrafted Square Stackable Crayons
12LCPN   12 Large Color Pencils Natural
12WCP   12 Watercolor Pencils For Drawing & Painting
12WPL   12 Watercolor Pencils Lyra
15WC   15 Watercolor Crayons
AP316oz   16 oz. Acrylic (3) Primary Colors
ACP1W16oz   16 oz. Acrylic White
AP1Y16oz   16 oz. Acrylic Yellow
18SwissMade   18 Color Pencils Water Soluble
24NWCPL   24 Natural Wood Color Pencils Large
OP25set   24 Oil Pastels
3PB   3 Paintbrushes
3QPB   3 Paintbrushes
CB-6-M   6 Handcrafted Block Craynos Recycled
6HSSBCCK   6 Handcrafted Square Stackable Crayons
60SPR   60 Soft Pastels Rembrandt
85A   8 oz Acrylic 5 Colors
A8Y   Acrylic 8 oz Yellow
AP1B16oz   Acrylic 16 oz Red Primary
A16S   Acrylic 16 oz Size
AP516oz   Acrylic 16 oz. (5) Colours
A32oz   Acrylic 32. oz (3) Primary Colors, classroom size
A4Bk   Acrylic 4 oz Black
A4B   Acrylic 4 oz Blue Primary
A45   Acrylic 4 oz. (5) Colours STARTER SET
A4R   Acrylic 4. oz Red
A4W   Acrylic 4. oz White
A4Y   Acrylic 4. oz Yellow
3PAC4z   Acrylic 4oz (3 Primary Colors)
A8PC   Acrylic 8 oz (3) Primary Mixing Colors
A8B   Acrylic 8. oz Blue
A8R   Acrylic 8. oz Red
A38oz   Acrylic 8.oz (3) bottles Primary Colours
ACPCWWK   Acrylic Painting Canvas, Wood Craft, Watercolor Kit
APKK4oz   Acrylic Painting Kit Kids
ABYR8   Acrylic Three Primary 8 oz (Red, Yellow & Blue)
5ABP   Acrylics Paint Kit 4oz, 5 colours, 1 palette, 3 paintbrushes
EAB   Art Board Painting/Drawing
AHSRC   Autumn Heart Shaped Crayon Recycled
BCB6   Beeswax 100% Crayons, Colour Blocks Qty. 6
BBWK   Black-Board Watercolor Kit
CB25   Block Crayons & Wood Box, Qty. 25
BA8   Brown Acrylic
Can8x10   Canvas 8 x 10
childrensart   Children's Safe Art Supplies
CWC   Christmas Wood Crafts
25CB   Classroom Colour Blocks Set Qty. 25
325A   Classroom size 32 oz Acrylic 5 colors
CPBOOKsoft   CLAY PLAY – Paperback Full Color
CPEBook   Clay Play eBook download
WRP   Clay Rolling Pin
6bc   Colour Block Crayons Qty. 6 Summer
cb6e   Colour Blocks® 6 earthy tones
K19CP   Colour Pencils 19 Colours Large, Natural Wood
3GLD   Colour Theory Droppers Qty. 3
CTD32oz   Colour Theory Plastic Dropper Bottles 3 Primary Colors
SB7x9   Craft Spiral bond drawing sketch book 7.25 x 9
GBRC   Crayon Garden Bugs
CHV   Crayon Heart Valentines
CH   Crayon Hedgehog
12cb   Crayons, Colour Blocks Qty. 12
CB18   Crayons, Colour Blocks Qty. 18
DNP   Date Night Painting
Me   Designer, Art Expert, Homeschool Mom & Author Spramani Elaun
DK   Drawing Kit (5 Products Included)
EC10oz   Earth Clay Air Dry
ncitvaneb   ebook download Nurturing Visual Arts
cd   ebook on CD
FPFK   Face Paints For Kids
FLC   Fall Leaf Crayon
FM12C   Fine line Markers 12 Vibrant Colors with Fine Tips
FPK8z   Finger Paint Kit
GMR   Gingerbread Man Handcrafted Crayon
GBBCPS12   Giotto Be-Be Color Pencils 12
GBBCPS   Giotto Be-Be Color Pencils Small
SP   Graphite Sketching Pencil Set 12
HH   Heart Crayon Recycled
HSBSB   Hokusai ​Spiral Bond Sketch Book
IVATTMC-paperback   Introducing Visual Arts to The Montessori Classrooms, Paperback
IVATTMC   Introducing Visual Arts to The Montessori Classrooms, PDF eBook Download
KAPSK54oz   Kids Acrylic Paint Stater Kit, Safe Paints
KCTB   Kids Color Theory – paperback book
KPFC   Kids Painting – Paperback Full Color
KPE(PDF)   Kids Painting ebook PDF
KPP   Kids Painting Paperback Full Color
AS   Kids Painting Smock Cover-Up
KSACDJuly2017   Kids Summer Art Camp, Drawing – July 10 - 14th
PJune2017   Kids Summer Art Camp, Painting – June 26-30th
KAE   Kneading Artist Eraser
LCPSF   Lyra color pencils short ferby
LRCP   Lyra Rembrandt 24 Artist Color Pencils
MMACJuly2017   Mix-Media, Art Camp – July 17-21st
MBC12   Modeling Beeswax Clay Qty 12 colors
bmc   Modeling Beeswax Clay Qty 5 colors
MC10   Modeling Clay Non-harden 10 colours
MC20   Modeling Clay Non-harden 20 colours
Mc26   Modeling Clay Non-harden 26 colors
CE   Modeling Clay Non-harden Earth Tones
MCSS   Modeling Clay Start Set
NOA-CP-12   Natural Wood Large
Snow   Natural Wood Snowman
NSLP   Nature Sketching - Lesson Plan
PJ   Paint Jar
PP2well   Painting Palette 2 Well
PP6well   Painting Palette 6 Well
P10well   Palette (10 well)
LP20well   Palette Large 20 well
NCVAN-D   Paperback Book, Nurturing Visual Arts
PPMC30   Pastel Paper Medium Cut
Ck   Pastels 12 colors (Young Kids Beginning Set)
p33   Pastels 33 sticks
PegC2   Peg Couple
Peg   Peg Dolls/ Peg People
PSBookRate   Pencil Lyra
SCPS   Pencil Sharpener Large & Small
PRC   Pumpkin Recycled Crayon
PA8oz   Purple Acrylic
RCP   Rainbow Color Pencil
CB-H-R   Rastafari Recycled Heart Crayon
STFT   small Teal Flower Tray
CB6   Square Block Crayons Qty. 6
JCBC   Square Block Toddler Crayons
S6CB   Square Stackable Block Crayons Summer Colors! Colour Blocks
SBC16   Stockmar Block Crayons 16
SWBC8   Stockmar Wax Block Crayons
SWC8W   Stockmar Wax Crayons 8 Waldorf
TKAB   Teach Kids Art Book
TDPN   Teacher Discount (Paperback) NCITVAN
TPB3   Toddler Paintbrush
VBO   Venezuela Bulk Order
WCP12C   Waldorf Color Pencils 12 Colors
R8o3   Watercolor 8 oz. (3) Primary Colours
R4(4)   Watercolor 4 oz, Starter Kit 3 Bottles
RFB8   Watercolor 8 oz Blue Primary
RFR8   Watercolor 8 oz Red Primary
rfy8   Watercolor 8 oz Yellow Primary
DOGP   Watercolor Artist Tin 12 colors
WPB   Watercolor Brush Large
WCC   Watercolor Crayons
WFP8PC   Watercolor Finger Paint 8oz Primary Colors
DWP   Watercolor Palette 36 colors Dry
WP5.5x4.25   Watercolor Paper, Small Cut Qty. 30
WP8.5x11.5   Watercolor Paper, Large Cut Qty. 30
WP51-2x81-2   Watercolor Paper, Medium Cut Qty. 30
18WCPFDP   Watercolor Pencils For Drawing & Painting, Swiss Made
WP10C   Watercolor Pencils Little Best For 3-5 years
WPT12C   Watercolor Pencis Thick 12 Colors
WP24C   Watercolour Pencils 24 Colours
WHG   White Holiday Glitter
YEA(4)   Young Exploratory Arts (4 Classes)

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